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Request for Research Information from Brian Croft:

I’m trying to write a comprehensive history of early aviation in BC up until the opening of Vancouver airport on Sea Island in 1931. The work is based on previous research and a great deal of new research in archives and newspaper files.

The book will include the most complete chronology of local aviation events as well as a number of other features such as a catalogue of the names (with brief histories) of people involved in aviation and a completely revised aircraft registry of aircraft (by type) that flew in BC up until 1931 and this registry includes new information on the history of many of these aircraft. Another feature is an index with short histories of every aviation company during this period.

The book itself is entirely chronological and for the most part divided into chapters by year. I have written it in what I hope will be an engaging and entertaining manner. The story covers not only aviation events but also the local and provincial politics in play, the most entertaining of which is the rather difficult time Vancouver City Council had initiating the airport project and taking it to completion.

The RCAF plays prominently, as do several local WWI veterans and aces.

If anyone has any information they would like to contribute, please contact Brian.