Vol. 29 No.4 Winter

1991 Winter Issue, Vol. 29 No.5
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Table of Contents

  • p.112 “Lockheed: A Canadian Perspective” by N.M. McArthur
  • p.116 “Electra Debut: Canadian Airways Acquires the Lockheed 10A” by Z.L. Leigh
  • p.119 “The First Lockheed in Canada” by K.M. Molson
  • p.120 “Lockheed Liaison” by J.D. Hunter
  • p.124 “TCA Introduces the Super Electra and Lodestar” by H.W. Seagrim
  • p.128 “’T-Bird’: Lockheed/Canadair T-33 Silver Star” by W.M. Tarling
  • p.133 “TCA and the ‘Super Connie’” by W.G. Cawker
  • p.135 “A Pilot Recalls the ‘Super Connie’” by R.B. Lank
  • p.136 “Monarch of the Seas: The Lockheed Neptune” by W.J. Cumming
  • p.142 “The Mighty ‘Herc’" by H. Maxwell
  • p.146 “Strike, Attack, Recce!: Lockheed/Canadair CF-104” by A. Seitz
  • p.150 “Testing the TriStar” by J. Gallagher


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