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Vol. 7 No.1 Spring

1969 Spring Issue, Vol. 7 No.1
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 Table of Contents

  • p.3 “The Fleet 50 Freighter” by M.L. McIntyre
  • p.13 “Drawing: Fleet 50 Freighter” by E.P. Gardiner
  • p.15” Drawing: Fleet 50 Freighter” by J. Phipps
  • p.16 “Drawing: Lohner No. 1 1910” by G. Rowe
  • p.17 “Early Flying in Ottawa (Part 2)” by G.A. Rowe
  • p.22 ‘First Atlantic Crossing ; The Great 1919 Transatlantic Aviation Race” by R.K. Malott
  • p.24 “Wrecks, Relics and Rarities” by R. Juniper
  • p.26 “Capt. Crabb of 92 Sqn” by H. Creagen


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