Vol. 6 No.2 Summer

1968 Summer Issue, Vol. 6 No.2
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Table of Contents

  • p.33 “Ocean Hop, Transatlantic Jet Mobility in 1948” by P. Robertson
  • p.34 “Hot-Air Balloon ‘The Spirit of Canada’” by R.K. Malott
  • p.36 “The Search for Carl Ben Eielson (Part 1)” by T.M. Reid
  • p.42 “RCAF Squadron Continuity (Part 2)” by S. Kostenuck
  • p.45 “Curtiss Seagull Acquisition” by R.W. Bradford
  • p.47 “Front Cover Story: Lockheed-Vega Ventura” by J.A. Griffin
  • p.48 “Fifty Years Ago ; Ann. of the First Airmail Flight in Western Canada” by R.K. Malott
  • p.50 “Ottawa Valley Barnstormer” by H. Halliday
  • p.51 “The First Air Meet in Canada - Montreal 1910” by Mme. G. Vachon
  • p.52 “Nepean - Host to Early Flights” by E.P. Gardiner
  • p.52 “Prewar Aviation Art” by R. Larsh
  • p.55 “Canadian Civil Aircraft Register: CF-BZL/CF-CDF” by J.R. Ellis


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