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2011 Convention a Huge Success!

Written by Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail on 05 February 2011.

dmc tom newsThe 2011 Convention, which was held in Edmonton, Alberta from 22-26 June, brought together over 100 speakers and attendees from across Canada to explore the aviation history of Edmonton, Alberta and the North.


Click the "Continue Reading" link to for a few more photos to see what you missed, or to reminisce over if you were lucky enough to be there!

Here's what people are saying about the convention:


I was so impressed with the lectures: all  were well researched and displayed to keep the audience entertained. I also gained a lot of information just talking to people at the breaks. I was just amazed at the knowledge in the room at question period. I would say that this was one of the best conferences I have attended in a long time and wished that it could have been longer.

Thanks for a GOOD and informative time.

Jack McCuaig

 (Photo: Bill Zuk)


There was a full house for each talk, lots of good camaraderie during breaks, and everyone got to know each other a little better! The adjacent events (408 Squadron reunion, AirFest, etc.) added, I’m sure, to the enjoyment and “best bang for the buck” for attendees coming from a long distance and paying airfare, hotel, etc.

Shirlee Matheson (at the mic in photo below)

(Photo: John Chalmers)

I should have written you sooner to tell you how much we enjoyed the Convention. We are still talking about it!  We were amazed at the amount of history and knowledge that was there. After a talk, someone stands up and says “I took that picture” or “I saw that plane crash” – fascinating. My only disappointment is not winning one of the many door prizes. Every time, I thought – THAT’S the one I want to win. Didn’t. Oh well!

Jack and Ivy Twells (all dressed up for the swing dance in the picture below!)

(Photo: D. Metcalfe-Chenail)

Doing the tours of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame was very enjoyable. I found it both interesting and enlightening that those who chose to come into the archives / collection area had to be pried out. Justin cracked a gentle whip but some still wanted to stay and continue our conversations. I can only hope to attend next year!


(Photo: John Chalmers)

Special events such as the trip to Wetaskiwin, the bush pilot dinner and Airfest following contributed to the success and positive mood of the conference.


(Photo: John Chalmers)


Very good value for money! Having the option to attend the football game was a fine idea. The chemistry of the CAHSers staying for the AirFest and staffing the display table was terrific ... there was a remarkable spirit and energy, the likes of which I've rarely seen.


(Photo: Richard Goette)

It was a new experience for us and the whole thing was great. We learned lots of new things, and people were friendly.


(Photo: Gary Williams)

The whole program was excellent, the manner in which it was presented and the punctuality with which it was tendered was without peer. The best conference I have ever attended.


(Photo: Richard Goette)


 A big thanks to our partners, sponsors and everyone who came out to make this such a fantastic convention!