Spring 2007 (Volume 45 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “Hatching the Snowbirds: The Canadair CL-41/CT-114 Tutor” by R.W. Dishlevoy
  • p.14 “Operation Amigo – RCAF North Stars Fly a Chilean Mercy Mission” by L. Motiuk
  • p.20 “Photographs – Flying Miscellany: A Canadian Collection” by Neil MacDougall
  • p.22 “The BCATP Experience” by Matthew J. Falls
  • p.32 “Allan Galbraith Wingate” by Alan Redway & Bill Wheeler


Summer 2007 (Volume 45 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “C.S. ‘Jack’ Caldwell: Ocean Flying in Winter - Part 1” by Colin S. Caldwell
  • p.54 “Donald Howard Rogers 1916-2006: Test Pilot Extraordinaire” by Gordon McNulty
  • p.60 “The Elusive Wilfrid T. Reid” by Pierre Thiffault
  • p.68 “A Grassroots Pilot: Charlie Catalano 1915-2006” by Jim Mason & Bill Wheeler


Fall 2007 (Volume 45 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “The Road To Ferry Command” by Fred W. Hotson
  • p.92 “C.S. “Jack” Caldwell; Ocean Flying In Winter – Part 2” by Colin S. Caldwell
  • p.104 “’Hang On, Jack!  She’s Going Into The Bush’” by J. Rennie & R. Terpening
  • p.111 “Introducing The New Katherine Stinson Special” by Tony Cashman


Winter 2007 (Volume 45 Issue 4)

  • p.128 “The Arrow Replica Project” by J.C. Sherwood
  • p.134 “Commemorating A Trans-Atlantic First” by David Godfrey & Bill Wheeler
  • p.138 “The Charron Lake Ghost” by Clark G. Seaborn
  • p.144 “Fokker Universal G-CAJD (General Arrangement Drawing)” by Clark G. Seaborn
  • p.148 “Convention ‘07” by Gordon McNulty