Spring 2005 (Volume 43 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “The RCAF in the Congo, 1960” by William K. Carr
  • p.12 “The Mountain Man and the Air Board” by Patrick Fitz Gerald
  • p.20 “Windsor’s Walker Airport, 1927-29” by Dr. Charles H. Spurgeon
  • p.22 “Herman Peterson, Yukon Legend” by Robert B. Cameron
  • p.27 “The Crash of Pacific Western Flight 3801” by Robert Drinkwater
  • p.29 “Arms Smuggling North Star” by Joop Gerritsma


Summer 2005 (Volume 43 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “Smoke Jumpers, A Challenging and Dangerous Occupation” by Will Chabun
  • p.50 “From Junkers to Jets with CPA” by Fred Hotson
  • p.58 “National Air Transport Limited” by Chris Hargreaves
  • p.66 “The Demise of “Vic”, The Final Adventures of a Famous Aeroplane” by Clark Seaborn
  • p.72 “Goodbye to a Friend, Tribute to a Long-time CAHS Member” by William J. Wheeler


Fall 2005 (Volume 43 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “The Vampire Years, Flying the RCAF’s First Jet Fighter” by G. Robert Guillet
  • p.96 “The Prussian Officer’s Son” by James R. Stevens
  • p.104 “Capt. C.G. (Gord) Ballentine” by Fred E.W. Smith
  • p.110 “The Life and Death of Hervé St-Martin” by Pierre Thiffault


Winter 2005 (Volume 43 issue 4)

  • p.128 “The Vickers vanguard” by Joop Gerritsma
  • p.138 “The Cambria Incident, A Very Public Mishap” by Patrick Fitz Gerald
  • p.146 “Victory lake, The Christening of a Northern Lake” by Lt. Gen. W.K. (Bill) Carr
  • p.150 “Charles Keith Barlow, Remembering an Enthusiast” by Cyril Fry
  • p.152 “One to One Hundred, Our Society’s 42nd Convention and AGM “ by Gord McNulty