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Spring 1999 (Volume 37 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “Ventura Lost” by R.H. Fowler
  • p.12 “Early Flight Testing of the Canadair CL-215” by R.P. Bentham
  • p.18 “Canada's Only Tommy” by F. Brailey
  • p.22 “Learning to Fly as a Civilian in 1942” by A.G. Wingate


Summer 1999 (Volume 37 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “Channel Patrol 1918” by S. Graham
  • p.52 “Flying World-Wide with Kenting Aerial Surveys” by R.N. Pettus
  • p.66 “Wood that could Fly” by A. Reeves


Fall 1999 (Volume 37 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “Flying with the ATA” by V. Warren (Milstead)
  • p.94 “An Incident in Iraq” by F.W. Bone
  • p.99 “Les Wilkinson: A Tribute” by W.J. Wheeler
  • p.102 “Beaming Down to a Safe Landfall” by D.W. Godfrey
  • p.105 “As Others See Us” by J.P. Meadows


Winter 1999 (Volume 37 Issue 4)

  • p.124 “Flying the Whirlwind” by J.P. Coyne
  • p.134 “The James Bay Hydro Project: Flying out of Matagami” by M.L. McIntyre
  • p.142 “The Norseman on RCAF Photo-Survey Operations (Part 1)” by W.R. McRae