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Spring 1998 (Volume 36 Issue 1)

  • p.4 “A Spitfire Pilot's Storey (Part 1)” by W.R. McRae
  • p.18 “One of our Aircraft is Missing” by K.V. Hagarty and J.W. Hurley
  • p.22 “Canada and the Hampden (Part 1)” by H.A. Halliday
  • p.33 “The Storey of a Standard” by W.J. Wheeler


Summer 1998 (Volume 36 Issue 2)

  • p.44 “Here, There and Everywhere” by J.D. Hunter
  • p.52 “Canada and the Hampden (Part 2)” by H.A. Halliday
  • p.60 “A Spitfire Pilot's Storey (Part 2)” by W.R. McRae
  • p.72 “A Canadian Pilot and Aircraft in the King's Cup Race of 1931” by J. Caron


Fall 1998 (Volume 36 Issue 3)

  • p.84 “Minefinders Airline” by A.F. MacDonald
  • p.94” Frank Wootton: A Legend among Aviation Artists” by W.J. Wheeler
  • p.98 “A Spitfire Pilot's Storey (Part 3)” by W.R. McRae
  • p.111 “Walter ‘Babe’ Woollett: A Tribute” by F.W. Hotson


Winter 1998 (Volume 36 Issue 4)

  • p.124 “Canada and the Short Empire Boats” by R.H. Crone
  • p.134 “Flying the Beam” by E. George
  • p.140 “The RCAF's Flying Ground Crew” by M.J. Collins
  • p.146 “Standard J-1 Addendum” by W.J. Wheeler and G.A. Fuller