Think Typhoon!

By Anne Gafiuk

In the spring of 2017, Harry Hardy, DFC, 440 Squadron, pilot of The Pulverizer, approached me to write a book about Typhoon pilots and their aircraft. “Tell our story! Be our Mrs. Muir.” Harry reminds me each week we chat on the phone, “Think Typhoon!”

PL 42746 440 Harry Hardy

Harry Hardy, 440 Squadron

Following the format of my books (Wings Over High River,
She Made Them Family and Quietus) how could I tell each Typhooner’s story with enough detail?

The Typhoon Project is the result, with articles, specs of the Typhoon, links to videos, books, images, and a bibliography.

PL 42817 440 Pulverizer

Harry Hardy flying the Pulverizer IV

So far, 200 men’s stories have been uploaded to the website, with an additional 75 more stories to be added in 2019, possibly more.

If members have names of Canadians connected to Typhoons with images, etc., and feedback about the website, please contact Anne Gafiuk at or

Anne and Harry

Anne and Harry