Aviation Historians:

I am sharing this request for assistance.

As most of you know one of my projects is to record those RCMP members who left the Force in WWII (or WWI) to join the RAF, RFC or RCAF. I’ve identified about 125 so far - 30 of these men did not survive WWII. I call the project “RCMP Red To Air Force Blue".

Ian Macdonald found these images at LAC some time ago. They depict:

"P.L. 1748 (and 1749) 12.10.1940 S.P. (Service Police) recruits from R.C.M.P. get instructions from Recruiting Officer, Winnipeg, Man.”



Sadly and predictably that is the extent of the narrative. I’ve not been able to learn anything further, which is where you come into the picture - anything you can add would be appreciated.

One of my RCMP contacts noted that:

“Several of the men were members of the RCMP Reserve (note the R over the letters RCMP on the shoulder badge) and not recruits, as we know them - visible in the 3rd enlarged image."

Additionally one notes that:

- Trade Test Room signed on the right side of the second photograph and part of a wing structure near the top.

- Two Wing Ribs visible, again in the second photograph as noted below.

- RCAF Officer and RCAF Sergeant depicted (both with wings).

- Six of the men are holding papers (recruiting documents?)

So, almost a certainly an RCAF Recruiting Office - 14 members of the RCMP (of whatever status) being sworn into the RCAF - five in uniform - remainder in civvies.

I’m not sure if there is anything further to be gleaned but anything you care to share would be appreciated.


John Henderson
Ottawa, Ontario