Vol. 3 No.4 Winter

1965 Winter Issue, Vol. 3 No.4
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Table of Contents

  • p.93 “Toronto Airports - Before Malton” by C.D. Long
  • p.96 “Sequel to 21 April 1918” by F. McGuire
  • p.97 “Source Material for Canadian Aviation Historical Research” by G. Fuller
  • p.98 “Drawing: Curtiss J.4 Lark” by J. Phipps
  • p.100 “Curtiss Lark  G-CAFB” by J. Phipps and W.J. Wheeler
  • p.102 “Canadians in No. 21 Squadron” by H.A.Halliday
  • p.103 “Jane's, on Canada (Part 3)” by Peggy Gardiner
  • p.106 “Museum Models” by K.M. Molson
  • p.108 “Barker's Snipe, a 47 Year Enigma” by A. Shennan
  • p.112 “Front Cover Story: Bristol Beaufighter” by J. Griffin
  • p.113 “Canadian Civil Aircraft Register: CF-ATX/CF-AWY” by J.R. Ellis
  • p.118 “A Close Shave” by D. Parrott
  • p.120 “Drawing: Grumman Goblin” by A. Botting


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