Canadian Aviation Society


on 01 July 2012.

Fueling a Plane on skis

Welcome to the new online home of the Canadian Aviation Historical Society, the world's premier organization dedicated to preserving Canada's flying heritage.

The CAHS is undergoing significant changes: there are many new faces in the executive, at the helm of the Journal, and in the day-to-day management of the Society. These dynamic times have unfortunately resulted in a delay in Journal publication, but new editor Terry Higgins has put together several exciting editions that will reach member mailboxes soon, and be available in select museums and newsstands.

We've also recently spearheaded a number of new projects - including this website - which will increase membership options and benefits; create new partnerships with other heritage organizations; and further our reputation as Canada's oldest and largest aviation history society. 2013 promises to be another exciting year!

The Journal

2010 Summer vol48 2 175